Barlow went to college to become an airline pilot. However, the fame of television lured him into changing majors. Thus, a broadcaster was born! After college, Barlow became a TV Producer at Tulsa’s NBC affiliate. Within a short amount of time, his talents allowed him to rise on the corporate ladder and become an Executive Producer.

Creative being his strong suit, Barlow knew he would have to venture out on his own in order to appeal to his inner creative juices. And so, he did. After several successful years managing TV, live events, and the people within, Barlow got a little… fruity. The Nelson Auto Group came calling. They wanted creative done like no other car dealership. They found Barlow. Barlow found them. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Barlow changed the face, reputation and look of the Nelson dealerships and in doing this he quickly realized the creative world was missing one key ingredient... Pineapple!

In 2008, Pineapple Advertising was born. With growth stemming from the south and east, Pineapple quickly became known for it's creative, it’s placement formula, and it's ability to manage projects. Today, Barlow heads up a long list of clients from Harley Davidson dealerships to top of the line car dealerships, to BBQ restaurants and jewelry store chains across the US.

This, along with raising his babies, lowering his golf handicap, and his heart and desire to give, are what Barlow likes to do. It is what defines the most recent version of “Barlow”.

Now, how’s that for a guy that was supposed to be a “Pilot”?
Kiera has been with Pineapple for over 8 years. She has mostly been in front of camera as a modern marketing talent for clients. Utilizing her talent in front of camera the for television and Facebook.
Kiera has also been dominating behind the camera. She coordinates productions, directs sets, manages post productions, assist in client relations and has a hand in all the other necessary things that are needed in moving an awesome company forward.
Fun bits-
" My slice of Pineapple is my happy place. Love all the people we meet and work with. But when work isn't on the list I am searching for the rush of life. Always moving and doing. #forwardfixeseverything. Just keep moving."

Roger comes to Pineapple Advertising with four kidneys. It’s true. What does that have to do with advertising? Nothing! But as an engagement specialist it’s great conversation starter. Roger does come to Pineapple with over 15 years of advertising engagement experience. Roger's experience runs from being an account executive for a couple of local TV stations in Nashville TN, to working as the director of Marketing for a dealer group of over five dealerships. Roger is a father of four (children not Kidneys) and yes, as young as he looks, he is a grandpa (but he goes by the name of "Grand diesel").

Roger is best known for his engaging personality and honest approach to helping your business succeed and stand out. Roger has never met a stranger but gets strange looks sometimes (see first sentence). Roger loves to talk so with respect to your time he will keep it short unless you have questions… then hold on because he has plenty of stories. But the main thing Roger wants to talk to you about is how we can take your business from good to great by picking the Pineapple!

Vanessa is a Silicon Valley native with a mad talent for Facebook ads.
A creative spirit growing up in the tech capital of the west coast, she was bred to be a modern marketer.
Vanessa got her start in advertising as a marketing manager of a retail and residential development in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.
She caught the digital marketing trend early on and has since become a Facebook expert.
Now, she makes Pineapple Crush clients happy by sending them emails with new customers inside 😍🙌