Corporate Gold

What a start to 2017. To say Pineapple Crush is on the leading edge of modern marketing would be an understatement! With speaking sessions, productions, stategy implementation, current client relations and the daily tasks accompanying all those things, Pineapple is rockin. Travel in 2016 was the most hectic it’s ever been, travel so far in […]

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Pineapple’s JumpSeat – OH MY KOSH

  4th row window seat – Eli Bo Cannon Barlow To watch my 12 year old boy walk through the gates of OSH-KOSH was one of those moments that left me grinning big ear to big ear. “Dad look over there, Dad over here, Dad – did you see that…Dad, Dad, Dad!” He was awe-struck […]

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Pineapple’s JumpSeat – Because ZO

Because ZO 4th row middle seat right side My journey today is not business related, it is not filled with pre-production, hectic schedules and mass media – it is simple. Because ZO. This past Monday morning I traded tickets at the front of the Tulsa terminal with this little lady who can break this hardened […]

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Pineapple’s JumpSeat

#Turbulent trouble Wednesday night: I got this sunset Wednesday night while flying over the Gulf – the entire flight gave me a front row center seat to one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. This Morning: I made it! I beat Mother Nature! It didn’t look good at 9:50AM this morning as […]

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Is God Real?

While Pineapple Advertising developed the concept “Come Alive” for a Church in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma — the Writer, Creative Director and Owner of Pineapple Advertising was writing a campaign that not only impacted the CHURCH but his own life and future with GOD. Little did he know the very script he wrote would eight months later be the very thing that kept him, his family and ultimately his son, Eli alive. This video asks a very real question — is God real? The content and storyline of this video is raw, real and told in the most accurate account of Eli’s Barlow’s near death experience and God’s intervention with Eli’s Dad.