Pineapple has always set the creative standard. About 2 years ago Barlow decided to set a new trend in the marketing world. Barlow eliminated the word “agency” from his company, merged with a high profile east coast marketing group and then developed a duopoly with a Facebook based firm who has the eyes and ears of Mark Zuckerberg himself. After 16 months of concept development, growth, and strategy, Barlow is now on the forefront of a platform called “Advertising is a 4-letter F word, FAIL.”

He is often invited to speak to TV station groups, conferences and businesses who are looking to get away from an “advertising” mindset and get into an “engagement” fulfilled tactic.

This formula is more than putting videos on YouTube, posting on Facebook or PPC placement – this formula drills down to the buyer, finds them at the cheapest cost per click, cheapest cost per eyeball, cheapest cost per opportunity and then puts a direct message with value propositions about your business and or product in front of the potential buyer at the most likely opportunity for them to spend money.

This isn’t a traditional “advertising” plan but an exclusively developed engagement formula!