Here’s How It Starts

• What makes your business different?

• Give us 2 things that make you better than the competition.

• Are you accepting free video production from a TV station?

• What is your brand message and does it have substance/layers/true content?

• Do you change tactics and messages every month?

• Are you receiving marketing advice from a salesman or a suit?

• Are you using Facebook to reach your buyer? If not, why?

• Do you realize your Facebook page can be made into a video and marketing medium finding your exact customer IN THE MARKET?

• Are you always “advertising” on your Facebook page?

• Do you realize video is the biggest asset to unifying and taking advantage of Facebook?

• How are you managing content and reviews?

• Is your website mobile ready?

• Are you buying proper terms to increase traffic flow to website.

• Are you utilizing landing pages to increase awareness and brand?

• Are you spending at least 30% of your ad budget on digital direct response? You should! and is your direct response messaging consistent with the overall brand?

These are some of the questions we ask and analyze before creating a true “engagement formula” for your business.

Pineapple Raid comes complete with:


First Impression Analysis

Engagement Strategy

Written Concept

Revised Advertising Budget With Your Proposed Spend


Written Scripts

Quarterly and Annual Strategy Complete With Traffic, Creative and Scripting

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